(not quite) a catalogue of birds

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(not quite) a catalogue of birds

sound work to be performed with score, 2020

‘(not quite) a catalogue of birds’ is a performative protocol to sound out and listen to dislocated bird songs – as a way to explore forms of common ground with the non-human inhabitants of the urban. This project takes root in the great tradition of imagining a universe without humans, where animals take over cities as they did during the aftermath of the catastrophe of Fukushima, or during more recent events like the COVID-19 lockdown. This work welcomes these forms of ‘non-verbal’ communication, inviting group vocalisations of various bird calls – not as attempt at interspecies communication, but an invitation to explore other forms of being, of being together and of habitation.

This work has been created for Acts of Air: Reshaping the urban sonic
Curated by Lisa Hall

An online exhibition for offline participation – 14 relational sound art works that offer a means to explore and interrogate our cities of sound


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In 2021, the work has been revisited as a film screen that has been presented at Ars Electronica Hong Kong Garden (online and in Osage Gallery)