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Bending the air, again

a project commissioned by the library by soundpocket

Book + audio, 15p.

Recorded, edited, written and designed by Cédric Maridet.
ISBN 978-1-78280-273-0

International conference Pierre Schaeffer: media art, organized by Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia.


to quote: Maridet, Cedric, “Reassessment of Acoulogy for the cultivation of Sound Practices”, Proceedings of the International Conference Pierre Schaeffer: mediArt, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, 2011, p. 75-80
Rijeka, Croatia, 5-6-7 October 2010

Uncured Lunatics: Sound is Still Bleeding

in Who Cares, 16 Essays on Curating in Asia, Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya and Michael Lee (eds.), Para/Site Art Space, 2010, p.46-57.

Contributions by Valerie C. Doran, Norman Ford, Erin Gleeson, Jens Hoffmann, Hou Hanru, Lee Weng Choy, Cédric Maridet, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Hu Fang, Magnus Renfrew, Héctor Rodriguez, Russell Storer, Richard Streitmatter-Tran, June Yap, Philip Yenawine and Yeung Yan. Interviews by Hu Yuanxing, Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya and Carolee Thea.

Erasing the visible – Jaffa Lam’s Sound Tree, Cedric Maridet, p.200-204
Around, Pocket 1, Soundpocket, 2010
French version “L’Arbre Sonore de Jaffa Lam où l’effacement du visible” p.194-198
Chinese version p.206-211

Around, soundpocket
A collection of artists and critics’ ear-witness accounts of Around sound art festival 2009, and their latest reflections on “sound art” and listening ~
Contributing writers: Akio Suzuki, Black, Carlo Fossati, Cédric Maridet, Dajuin Yao, Edwin Lo, Eugene Tan, Felix Hess, Jérôme Joy, Kawai Shiu, Lau Gukzik, Mike Cooper, William Lane, Yan Jun
Editor:Yeung Yang
370 pages
1 CD of 12 recordings (75’42’’)
in English and Chinese, French, Italian and Japanese