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8-channel sound composition, 48 prints on paper, 6 ink and color pen drawings on paper, draft paper, and film, 2021.

“What happens to the fleeting sounds of slogans chanted on the streets? Humming is a sound work that draws on six chants from Thailand, Russia, the United States, Chile and Hong Kong, such as “no justice no peace” from the Black Lives Matter in America. Maridet breaks these down into syllables which are then transformed into individual notes collectively forming 48 notes that can be arranged to recreate sonic variations – a stream of musical humming of global slogans combined. Each syllable- note has a distinctive profile- of pitch, colour and tone – and “catalogued into a chart. The six slogans are also transformed into a two- dimensional soundscape placed on music stands like score sheets placed in between cluster of figure-like speakers. Viewers walk between this crowd of “sounds,” creating their own sonic encounters of broken down notes that once shock the world. Every two hours, the soundscape swells to a performance of chants.” Yeewan Koon, curator of “So long, thanks again for the fish,” Levyhalli Suomenlinna, Helsinki.

Video documentation of the 6 different compositions + tutti [Headphone listening (binaural recording)]


“So long, thanks for all the fish!”, 8th June – 29th August 2021, Suomenlinna, Helsinki.

curated by Yeewan Koon

Participating artist:
Luke Ching Ching Wai  / Christopher K. Ho / Lam Tung Pang / Cédric Maridet / Angela Su

Exhibition design: COLLECTIVE

Artist panel discussion: