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Three channel HD video

Channel one: 28’33”
Channel two: 73’18”
Channel three: 38’42”

Edition of 3


The three channel video Chrono-synclastic takes a direct reference to Kurt Vonnegut’s neologism, and explores the possibility of scrutinising past and present through microscopic images into floating ice, opening up a new spatio-temporal dimension for explorations.

“In this way, Maridet begins to situate the small fragment of time that encapsulates the entire history of mankind within the far more expansive framework of geological or even cosmological time; echoing contemporary debates on the Anthropocene by considering the human in terms that are removed from assumptions of purpose. This shifting position is summarised in the 3-channel video that contains abstract microscopic footage of glacial ice, named after another Vonnegut contrivance, the Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum; a quasi-quantum dimension where “all the different kinds of truths fit together” and those who become caught in it are unstuck in time, existing simultaneously everywhere at once. Like Vonnegut, Maridet invites us to momentarily shed the baggage of human hubris to engage in the abyss of the speculative imagination.” Nadim Abbas