Sound tree

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Sound tree

sound composition, 12′, 2010

published along with soundpocket’s first publication
Around, a collection of artists and critics’ ear-witness accounts of Around sound art festival 2009, and their latest reflections on sound art and listening ~

Contributing writers: Akio Suzuki, Black, Carlo Fossati, Cédric Maridet, Dajuin Yao, Edwin Lo, Eugene Tan, Felix Hess, Jérôme Joy, Kawai Shiu, Lau Gukzik, Mike Cooper, William Lane, Yan Jun
Editor: Yeung Yang

Around the Sound Tree

a sound event by Cedric Maridet and Jaffa Lam.
Hong Kong Architecture Centre, 28.08.2010, 12.00 pm
This program is part of Around Sound Festival and Retreat organized by Soundpocket.
Developing on the sound event I created during my residence in Asia Art Art Archive, I continue the exploration of public talk as a possibility for sound exercises about the listening activity and as an example of the heterogeneity of listening intentions.
This sound event includes texts written by Cedric Maridet and Jaffa Lam, recorded sounds [readings and environmental sounds] and real-time sounds from Jaffa Lam’s sculpture [through contact microphones]