video and sound: cedric maridet
20’28 / 2005 / pal edition of 6.

Prize of Excellence, Hong Kong Art Biennial 2005.
HK Art Museum’s permanent collection
Private collection

This video is an audio-visual exploration of the river Huangpu flowing NE past Shanghai into the Chang Jiang at Wu- song. It is a major navigational route and shows intense traffic of vessels of all sorts. The sound/images not only reflect a reality of the environment (i.e. barges, cargos, motor sounds, sounds of workers, etc) but their transformations create another dimension built on the new topological and spatio-temporal perspective. In this piece, the original sound of the video is a main source for the creation of the music and it has been processed to compose an experimental / concrète influenced track.
Based on the concept of synaesthesia and on a model of transsensorial perception that claims that each sensory channel not only conveys dimensions that belong to this channel, but also other dimensions from other channels, this work is an attempt to investigate the questions of grain, texture, density, rhythm, and color through audio-visual data.
The result is a dense, textured work that explores micro and macro aspects of this environment through a constant dialogue between sound and images.